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Hackman Family Funeral Homes has been serving the Sturgis area community for many years. We’re thankful to be an important part of this community and will continue our longstanding legacy of helping families honor their loved ones.



Harry Foglesong

Harry Foglesong

Hazel Prince Foglesong

Harold Prince

Bob Hackman

Barbara A. Hackman

In 1913 Harry Foglesong came to Sturgis following his graduation from Worsham College of Mortuary Science in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Foglesong had a dream and desire to establish his own funeral home in Sturgis.

This desire and dream became reality very quickly when his business opened in the 100 block of Pleasant Avenue. He operated the business in this location for just 2 short years when he purchased the stately home located at 114 S. Nottawa Street in 1915. The business still operates from this location. Mr. Foglesong's untimely death came in the early 1920's. He was at the time married to Hazel (Prince) Foglesong. Mrs. Foglesong shared her late husbands dreams and beliefs and although quite unusual for the times Mrs. Foglesong became a licensed funeral director and embalmer and continued the operation of the business. In the early 1940's Mrs. Foglesong invited her brother Harold Prince to join her in the business. Mr. Prince became a licensed Funeral Director and embalmer in 1949 and soon took over the complete operation of the firm. In 1972 following many years of working with Mr. Prince the business was sold to Jerry Gilding, Theron Farrand and Robert R. "Bob" Hackman. Bob was the youngest of the three partners and eventually took over sole ownership of the firm in 1981. The Hackman's faced the tragedy of death in their own family on May 22, 1983 when at the age of 52 Bob lost a hard fought battle with cancer. Like Mrs. Foglesong Barbara Hackman shared the dreams and beliefs of her husband and made the decision to continue the family business. The Hackman's youngest son Greg was fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve his apprenticeship under his father and was enrolled to begin studies at Worsham College of Mortuary beginning in September of 1983. The Hackman's eldest son Steve had joined the firm in 1981 taking over the complete responsibilities of maintenance and lawn care and any other tasks when needed. Along with a very dedicated and key employee/funeral director Daniel Czajkowski the business continued to serve the families of Sturgis. Greg graduated from mortuary school in September of 1984, became a licensed funeral director and embalmer and soon after became president of the firm a position he holds today. In 1993 the name of the then Foglesong Funeral Home was changed to the Hackman-Foglesong Funeral Home to give honor and respect to Bob Hackman for his total dedication to the business and the families of the Sturgis area. In 2005 the Hackman family was approached by Larry Rosenberg and Ted Schipper owners of the Rosenberg-Schipper Funeral Home in Sturgis.

Larry and Ted were both ready to retire but had a strong desire to be assured that the families they had served over the years would continue to receive the service they had given since 1973. The Hackman-Foglesong Funeral Home was chosen by Ted and Larry for the exceptional care and service they knew the Hackman's would give to the families they had served. In 2008 the names of both funeral homes were changed to the Hackman Family Funeral Homes Hackman Chapel located at the original location at 114 S. Nottawa Street and Rosenberg Chapel located at 807 E. Chicago Rd. The name change was made to further show the love, respect and pride the family holds in the memory of Bob Hackman. The name change also shows the funeral homes are totally family owned and operated.

The Hackman's faced the tragedy of death again on January 7, 2010 when at the age of 74 Barbara passed away at her home with her family at her side.

Our firm has served the Sturgis and surrounding area for over one hundred years something we consider an honor and plan to do for another one hundred years. We give thanks for the loyalty and many blessing we have received from our community. The loyalty and confidence that the families of the Sturgis area have so generously given to our firm we will never take for granted and will continually strive to give the very best of service. Something our families have come to expect and deserve from the Hackman Family Funeral Homes.

Gregory B. Hackman
Steven R. Hackman
Secretary, Treasurer

Original Funeral Home located on Pleasant Ave.

Harry Foglesong with horse drawn hearse; always drawn by a team of white horses

Foglesong's first motor hearse

Funeral Home 1960's

Funeral Home 1980's

Funeral Home 2020's

Hackman Chapel
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Rosenberg Chapel
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807 East Chicago Road, Sturgis, MI

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